Client testimonials

“Such a great colour analysis, thank you! For no reason I was hesitant towards digital colour analysis. I had my colours done about 6 years ago and was analyzed as a winter. I kept wondering whether I got the correct result. This colour analysis feels more correct, as it was done so well.” -Woman (true summer)

“This result gives me peace of mind, as I have previously been analyzed as an autumn. I’ve sometimes felt lost with those colours because autumn colours do not work for me. I’ve felt heavy when wearing those colours. This new colour palette has colours that I fortunately already have in my wardrobe. I believe that true spring colours feel like me. Thank you, Minna!” -Sini

”I have to admit that I was sceptical about the colour analysis, but after seeing the results I can´t help but agree. This is a luxury service. You should analyze my husband’s colours as well!” -Susanna

”Usually, I wear black but in colour analysis I learned about colours that suit me better than black. I got more options in clothing and accessories.” -Man (light summer)

”In my youth there were some colours that were not acceptable to wear and using them was judged. As I have grown older, I have become more liberated in using colours and nowadays I use colours boldly. I was happy to see that my colour palette reflects my current views. One is never too old to wear colours!” -Ritva

”I thought I was a spring, and Minna’s colour analysis confirmed my thoughts. In her colour analysis I found new colours that I wouldn’t have thought about trying before.” -Woman (true spring)

”I like the colours in my colour palette, and it was nice to notice that I had a lot of my best colours in my wardrobe already. It was easy to follow the colour analysis and I got a clear impression on how my colour season was determined.” -Seppo

“The colour analysis was clear and consistent – I immediately understood the descriptions and explanations, and it was easy to understand the phases that led to my colour analysis result. My colour palette includes plenty of colours, and I already liked most of them. The colour swatch wallet makes it a lot easier to choose clothes!” -Man (warm spring)

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