värikonsultti Minna

Hi, my name is Minna. I’m the founder of Colourful Harmony and a certified colour consultant. Currently I’m offering digital colour analyses in English and in Finnish in Finland. My mission is to help you shine and feel confident in your best colours. There is so much incorrect and dated information regarding colour analysis online and I also strive to do my part in correcting that.

The world of colours has always fascinated me. Using different colours in clothing and makeup is a natural way of expressing myself. When I heard about colour analysis, I fell in love with the concept. I tried to find reliable knowledge regarding the topic but soon I realized that it was very difficult. I got my colours done twice because the first colour analysis gave me an incorrect result. It was done with quite a limited colour analysis method. The colours which were supposed to be the best colours for me emphasized the redness on my skin and made it look greyish. Some time after that experience I had my colours done with an advanced 16-season-method and finally got the correct results. I’m a true spring with a fully warm undertone.

I was so inspired after my colour analysis experiences and wanted to learn more about the art of colour analysis. In August 2022 I took a leap and signed up for an international colour analysis training. In my training I learned about, e.g., colour theory, performing colour analysis both in person and digitally, different colour palettes and their qualities.

You’ll get more information about the colour analysis method of 16 seasons and colours from my Instagram account @colourfulharmony.

Welcome to the inspiring world of colours!

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