Colour Analysis with Colourful Harmony

Colour analysis with Colourful Harmony includes some special features that make us pioneers in the colour analysis field in Finland. Keep reading to find out 12 reasons why you should consider colour analysis with Colourful Harmony.

1. There are 4 different types of every season: the true season and its flows between other seasons. Therefore we can give you a more curated outcome and colour palette compared to the traditional colour analysis methods. The picture below shows all of the 16 colour seasons.

Colour analysis

2. We take into account that there are warm, cool and neutral colours.

3. We take into account that your skin undertone can be warm, cool, neutral, neutral-warm or neutral-cool, not just warm or cool. Having a fully neutral undertone is quite rare but it is not impossible.

4. Considering the facts above, our colour analysis gives you excellent tools to save money when purchasing clothing, makeup and accessories or when dyeing your hair.

5. Maybe you have had your colours done before and thought that colour analysis didn’t work for you, or you got the wrong result. As someone who also got a wrong result from my first colour analysis, I understand. For me, the answer was the advanced colour analysis of 16 seasons. With this colour analysis method everyone can find out their optimal colour palette.

6. Colour analysis can be performed digitally which is ecological and convenient. You don’t have to travel in order to have your colours done reliably.

7. All of our colour analyses include a digital colour palette which shows 35 examples of your best colours and helps you to figure out colours that are in harmony with them. It’s always available to you on your smartphone.

8. The digital colour palette is a great tool for online shopping. You can upload it also to your computer/tablet and compare whether the colour of the product that you are eyeing is in harmony with your colour palette.

Digital colour palette

9. We are also offering colour analyses with a colour swatch wallet that includes your best colours in 36 fabric swatches, descriptions of your best colours and colours to avoid.

10. You get tips on how to choose your best colours but also how to use the colours in your wardrobe that are not in your colour palette.

11. Even if you would not want to walk around looking like a rainbow, you most likely will get inspiration and confidence via colour analysis! All of the colours in your colour palette mix and match together, so you can confidently try out different colour combinations. You and your glowing appearance will most certainly get compliments!

12. Knowing your best colours is a cornerstone of your personal style. Your style evolves as you evolve or your situation in life changes. Your best colours are there for you for the rest of your life.

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