Digital Colour Analysis

There are many ways you can analyze someone’s colours digitally with the advanced colour analysis method of 16 seasons. My focus is on digital/virtual colour analysis made with pictures. Unfortunately, there’s a common myth that digital colour analysis would be less reliable than in person colour analysis. I believe this stems from the fact that there aren’t tools in every colour analysis method to perform digital colour analysis. In a way in digital colour analysis we go back to the roots of colour analysis but with modern tools. Did you know that the basis of colour analysis lies in painted art (in other words, pictures) and observations made from it? One crucial observation was that colours next to each other affect each other and the way we perceive them. This phenomenon is called simultaneous contrast.

The same principles apply to in person and digital colour analysis: In order to analyze someone’s colours properly, it is important to have proper colour analysis training and tools. In both colour analysis methods it is crucial to compare the skin’s reactions to different colours that differ in their undertone, value and intensity. In the in person colour analysis we compare the skin’s reactions to different fabrics, whereas in digital colour analysis we compare the skin’s reactions to different calibrated colour backgrounds. It is also crucial to have proper lighting, whether you analyze someone’s colours digitally or in person. For example, direct sunlight or yellow artificial light are not proper lighting conditions for any type of colour analysis.

Digital colour analysis

In the advanced colour analysis of 16 seasons the steps to analyze someone’s colours are the same in both digital and in person colour analyses. I analyze your colours using a photo of you that is taken in neutral lighting in accordance with my instructions. Your photos are confidential, and I don´t share them without permission. First I will determine your skin undertone and home season (spring, summer, autumn, winter). After these steps I will determine whether you are a flow (a mix of two palettes) or not. In order to do this, I compare your skin’s reactions to different calibrated colour backgrounds. I will also look at photos of you as a teen and your eye patterns and the undertone of your eye colour. The actual colour of your eyes (e.g. green or brown) doesn’t affect the result of your colour analysis. In the picture above you can see a little part of a light summer’s colour analysis. (Photo shared with permission.) 

If you live in Finland, you can purchase digital colour analysis from Colourful Harmony´s online store for yourself and for your loved ones.

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