10 Things Everyone Should Know About Colour Analysis

Today I’m sharing 10 things everyone should know about colour analysis.

1. Colour analysis is all about finding colour harmony. We are looking for the colours that are in harmony with your natural features. Those colours have the same undertone, value and intensity as your natural features.

2. In order to get a reliable colour analysis result, you should not wear makeup and coloured hair should be covered in your colour consultation.

3. There are many different colour analysis systems and methods with different colour seasons and colour season definitions. Similarly named colour season does not mean the same thing in every colour analysis system. For example, true spring in the advanced colour analysis of 16 seasons means that the person has only spring qualities in their colouring. The best colours for true springs are warm, light and bright. Their best colours are different from a warm spring’s best colours. Warm spring is someone who has spring and autumn qualities to their colouring, Their best colours are not as light and bright as true spring colours. Some other colour analysis systems consider warm spring and true spring to be the same. Some also consider that true spring is someone who looks great in all of the colours of the different spring seasons.

4. It is very common that different colour analysis systems combine colours with different undertones, values and intensities within the same season. In this case the colours are not in harmony with each other, nor with the same person, and are not the best colours for the same person. This causes the colour analysis process to be prone to errors.

Colour seasons in the advanced colour analysis of 16 seasons
The colour seasons in the advanced colour analysis of 16 seasons

5. In theory, you should end up with the same result despite the colour analysis system that is used, at least in terms of the main season (spring, summer, autumn, winter). However, in practice it is trickier because of the things described previously in sections 3 & 4.

6. Too simple colour analysis method and too narrow interpretation of colour theory leads to inaccurate colour analysis results and does not take into consideration the diversity of the human features.

7. Once analyzed correctly, your colour season does not change.

8. Lighting is a very important part of colour analysis because it affects the way we perceive colours. Lighting has to be neutral, and natural day light is neutral only for a short period of time.

9. All of these things are important if you want to get a correct and precise colour analysis result and colour palette.

10. Different apps or filters do not help you to determine your colour season reliably. Those have different colours from different colour seasons combined within the same colour season. In addition they don´t take into account that the lighting should be neutral when determining your colour season.

Dressing up and wearing colours is not that serious, and I hope you wear whatever your heart desires.

If you, however, are hoping to find out the colours that love you the most and are in harmony with your natural features, please read more about the advanced colour analysis of 16 seasons and get to know our services.

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